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Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011


Our little baby steers, where to begin. Jess was in love with them, they were gorgeous. Both cross breeds, Yosamite Sam was out of a Simmental/ Charolais cow by a Simmy bull. Bert was by a Simmental bull out of a Santa/Hereford cow.

Neither of them placed in there classes, but we were very proud just to have steers entered in this years show. We said to dad that one day we’d have steers entered in the show and this was the year!!

We had hoped they might have scanned a little better, with a couple more months on feed they definitely would’ve scanned better.

We had so much fun watching them grow from tiny little calves to the steers we put on a truck to go to Woolworths. Haha sorry Jess I know how much you loved them

A picture of Bert even made it in to the local paper!! We were outside with the steers and this man came up to us and wanted a photo, he was doing a piece on school kids and our involvement in shows. We got a photo leaning on Bert and Jake got his photo taken standing next to Bert's head. Jake's photo ended up in all the local newspapers up his way.


Well we only entered one bull in the stud section this year, Lucky Clover Flick. Last year he took the title as Junior Champion Bull but this year he wasn’t as lucky as he only got a second place ribbon in his class.

On judging day it just decided to rain, the whole time we’d been there it was nice sunny weather, why couldn’t it wait just one more day!!

Mum and dad did quite well this year, so congratulations to them :)

We were all getting sick of people asking “where’s Fonzy” or “ where’s the black and white bull” or my personal favourite “where’s the worlds largest cow”. Fonzy was huge!! But his not the worlds largest cow he is a steer. He walked past us and our jaws just dropped, he is absolutely massive, you don’t see steers that big everyday!!

Our little baby steers looked so tiny compared to Fonzy!!

Our “little bro” Jake was a great help and made the work a lot easier...I didn’t have to do as much!! The only thing Lil Jakey wouldn’t do was run under the water fountain with Jess and I, he missed out on some real fun :)

Crookwell Gazette 19 April 2011

Students show class at Sydney Royal

LOCAL students from Crookwell High School have been shining at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Jennifer and Jessica Impey have been preparing and showing Simmental cross cattle for competition at the show. They have committed themselves to countless hours of hard work preparing and perfecting qualities that are to be judged.

The Acting Director-General of Education and Communities, Pam Christie has praised the skills, character and values that students are demonstrating in competition.

“The determination and dedication displayed is remarkable,” Ms Christie said.

“Competing at the Sydney Royal is an achievement in itself.

“It is widely regarded as a pinnacle in many fields of endeavour, and in competition students are up against the best of the best.

“Whether or not they are ranked with a ribbon, they should leave the competition with a strong sense of achievement.”

“They are a credit to themselves, their teachers, their families and the partners and supporters from the community who so generously back the efforts of many student campaigns.”  

Crookwell High Year 10 students, Jennifer and Jessica Impey, were in a cheerful frame of mind as they busied themselves preparing Simmental cross cattle for competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The 15-year-old twins have been regulars around the cattle pavilion for many years.

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