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Melbourne Royal Show 2011

We took LC Pumpkin, LC Tazzie Devil and LC Flick for this years show.

We started setting up our display with our major wood work projects from this year’s work. I made a stand to put the cards and folder. Jess made frames for the shed cards. We got a new sign made and we were so excited to finally hang it up! 

On Wednesday we had weighing and scanning. Tazzie Devil weighed 568kg and scanned EMA 88 and 5/4. Flick weighed 998kg and scanned EMA 115 and 9/6. We really wanted to get Flick to the ‘one ton’….guess we should’ve given him a drink before!

Thursday was the big day. Judging. We started washing early, which included dad’s cattle too. So we had a total of 6 head to wash and prepare.

They all went in there individual classes then we took Taz and Flick in the Pair of Bulls and took all three in the Breeders Group.

In their classes:

LC Pumpkin - 2nd

LC Tazzie Devil - 2nd

LC Flick - 2nd

Breeders Group - 3rd

Pair of Bulls - 2nd

For all pictures go to Melbourne Royal Show 2011 album

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